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Grills Barbecues and Smokers!
Grills Barbecues and Smokers!
If you love the taste of restaurant-style wood oven cooking. Then take it to the next level with the LIFESMART Kamado Grill Series. The Kamado Grill originated 3,000 ago when the Chinese developed a ceramic cooking device. The distinguishing feature of a LIFESMART Kamado Grill is that it is manufactured from high-grade performance ceramics. The ceramic shell acts as a super insulator, which means cooking temperatures can easily be maintained whatever the external weather conditions year-round. This grill's ceramic insulation properties also mean that it reduces charcoal use and provides the perfect convection cooking style. This grill uses lump charcoal, which is all-natural and does not contain the chemicals found in charcoal briquettes. This lump charcoal is excellent for long term smoking and can last up to 8 hours on a low setting.
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Written 01/25/2023
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