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SocialOomph Software - 2023 Reviews, Pricing & Demo,Pros & Cons
Overview: As an early adopter of the Twitter API, SocialOomph launched in 2008 as a primary platform for scheduling social networking posts. The program provides simple capabilities for managing content and social media across various platforms, including Shopify, Tumblr, and WordPress. Compared to other popular social media management tools like Hootsuite, SocialPilot, and Buffer, SocialOomph is severely lacking in functionality.
Socialoomph may seem like a stripped-down social media management tool, but it has excellent scheduling and queueing capabilities. Socialoomph isn't as user-friendly as its rivals, so you'll need above-average computer abilities. Connecting your Facebook account to the app isn't as simple as other social media management applications. It's typically as simple as signing in with your Facebook credentials and checking a few boxes to grant the app access to your data. To use Socialoomph, you must first create a Facebook application and have it approved by Facebook Developers. This is no easy feat. You'll also need to create an app to link your LinkedIn profiles. Once you've linked your social media accounts, you have a lot of flexibility in managing them.
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SocialOomph Software - 2023 Reviews, Pricing & Demo,Pros & Cons
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You can do it efficiently if you manage your customers' social media accounts. And yet, you may also group accounts for the same customer together in several ways. When working in a group, it is common practice to invite coworkers and assign specific roles to each member. This makes it simple to grant only authorized users access to each social media profile.
Assuming you've successfully linked your social media accounts, Socialoomph gives you a few unique choices. You may use Socialoomph to share on various social media platforms, not just the usual suspects like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. Unfortunately, Instagram is omitted. Blog postings may be used in several other environments as well. The queuing mechanism is one of Socialoomph's most vital features. Several methods exist to maintain "never-go-dry" queues on your social media profiles. If you have access to developers, you may tailor your social media feeds to perform exactly how you like. Webhooks may be used with platforms like ifttt.com to automate the creation of social media and blog postings. Socialoomph is an effective tool. However, it is not a pleasant sight, and newcomers may soon get disoriented.

Key Features of SocialOomph
The social networking and blog posting capabilities included in SocialOomph are very useful.

Publication by Individuals and Groups
SocialOomph offers a variety of plans to help individuals and groups with social media management. You can get away with the free edition of SocialOomph if you need to handle one social media or blog account yourself.

The team function and tags are helpful when working with a large group. It is possible to set up approvals for postings and provide additional permissions to users.

Networks of user-generated content, such as blogs and social media sites
SocialOomph may be best known for its ability to automate one's Twitter feed, but it also supports Facebook, LinkedIn, Reddit, StockTwits, Pinterest, Mastodon, and Discord. Your blog can also be published on Shopify, Tumblr, and WordPress (.com and.org versions).

Reserving Time for Social Media Updates
SocialOomph's strong suit is its ability to precisely schedule publication; you may choose any day and time. When used with your digital marketing plan, the SocialOomph app can do wonders.

Connected Waiting Lists
The software makes it easy to set up posting queues and keep your audience engaged by letting you publish at regular and ad hoc times and during specific times of the year.

Monitoring Search Terms
The tool makes it simple to monitor hashtags in Twitter conversations. The SocialOomph Twitter function monitors for tweets containing these keywords and notifies you via email every 12 or 24 hours.
It's like Google Alerts; only it just monitors social media. The point is always to know what's being said about your field by others working there.

Using blogs with RSS
This system makes it easy to publish blog posts by using RSS feeds. You may enhance your research and the impact of your articles with the help of an optional keyword filter.

Automated, Destructive Updates
Self-destructing postings are available on SocialOomph and may be used for various purposes, including limited-time promotions and disseminating information that may soon be outdated. After an extended period, these comments will be removed. Our evaluation of SocialOomph is mainly based on this component.

Pricing Plans
There are several SocialOomph subscription tiers available. A bare-bones, free version of the platform is also available for experimentation. SaaS apps like Socialoomph are licensed on a subscription basis. Three premium options and a free option are available from Socialoomph. All premium subscriptions include monthly and annual payment options. On the premium plans, they provide a discount of 10% if paid annually.

Unlimited scheduled posts, one social media profile, and basic posting tools are all included in the free "Personal Suite" plan (max 3 per hour).
Unlimited scheduled posts (up to 60 per hour per social profile or blog) and one RSS feed are included in the $15/month advanced suite plan for one user (personal and team postings).
All posting capabilities, unlimited scheduled posts (up to 60 per hour per social profile or blog), and the ability to add more social profiles, blogs, RSS feeds, queues, and webhooks for an extra $25 per month for one user (personal and team postings).
Unlimited scheduled posts (up to 60 per social profile or blog per hour), plus the ability to add more social profiles, blogs, RSS feeds, queues, and webhooks for an additional fee; Business Suite, $55/mo, 1 user (personal and team posts); 20 social profiles; 10 blogs; 10 RSS feeds; 10 queues; 1 webhook; all posting features; Each new employee costs $35 per month, and each extra team member costs $5.

Socialoomph Pros and Cons

It is easy to manage social media platforms with it. Having a centralized hub for all team finances isn't revolutionary, but it is crucial when collaborating.
Everything can be managed from a single location, and the option to assign tasks to specific members of the team is a huge time saver. Only the correct individuals can manage and amend your social media postings if you give them the proper rights.
The waiting line is efficient. SocialOomph has been praised for the flexibility with you can set up lines, which has led to the app's widespread adoption. Creating a series of posts for your social media or blog is a breeze, and the tool will publish them at specific intervals (from every few hours to whenever you set them).
Finally, we like the integration with Mastodon, Reddit, and Sticky Twits that SocialOomph provides for social posting, as well as the blog administration tools and RSS blog feed compatibility.

Due to its limited functionality, many users seek alternatives from industry giants like Hootsuite, Buffer, and SocialPilot. If your team is looking for a social media management platform that won't cost more than $60 per month, your best bet isn't SocialOomph.
Additionally, the organization has suffered due to inadequate support and integrations. Unfortunately, only a ticketing system (rather than chat or email) is available for inquiries. However, SocialOomph is not the most effective software available. The larger the bundle, the less value you get out of it.
Unlike more well-known competitors, SocialOomph does not provide any training for its users. Flaws in the layout and a lack of promotional materials make this program difficult for newcomers.

Is Socialoomph Worth it?
Our first thoughts about Socialoomph were not favourable. A wordy, antiquated UI greeted us, complete with confusing directions and a nightmare of a process to link standard social networks like Facebook. Outdated instructions didn't help matters (although, in fairness to Socialoomph, the instructions did say to contact them should I find any differences between the instructions and reality).
The response I got from Facebook's development team rejecting my request to register my app didn't help matters (again, we will give credit that the email contained step-by-step instructions on how to remedy the problem).
We didn't realize Socialoomph's potential until I started using it with my Twitter accounts. A large variety of destinations and distribution methods are at your disposal (except for Instagram).
It will be a dream come true for computer nerds and those who can handle the software's steep learning curve. People who value a slick user interface and the ability to get things done with little technical know-how will be sorely disappointed.
Its only purpose is to publish material for use on social networking platforms. Nothing is being done to aid in engagement or social listening, and no reports or analytics data are available.

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