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Serpstat SEO Tool Review2023: Product Details, Pricing & Pros & Cons
Overview: Oleg Salamaha created the SEO software package known as Serpstat. Over time, it evolved from a simple keyword research tool into a comprehensive "growth hacking tool," including tools for link building, technical SEO, pay-per-click advertising, and more
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Serpstat SEO Tool Review2023: Product Details, Pricing & Pros & Cons
  • Its a All-in-One SEO platform for professionals
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  • Website analysis Always One Click Away With the Serpstat Plugin
  • Good Support team that will help you to grow your business
  • Growth hacking tool for SEO, PPC and content marketing
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All-in-One SEO platform for professionals. Click here to get up to 30% off on some of its packages

Users may compile lists of keywords used by competitors and analyze phrases based on metrics like search volume, CPC, competitiveness, and several search results to inform their SEO and PPC strategies. Users may customize keywords for a particular country; rank monitoring metrics can be broken down by city, country, or language.
Key Features
Here we'll go through the main benefits of using Serpstat for your search engine optimization efforts. We will provide screenshots to illustrate the product's layout and structure further.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Keyword Analysis
The primary function of Serpstat is as a keyword research tool for search engine optimization and pay-per-click advertising. The best way to get ahead of the competition is to use this tool to discover high-volume organic and paid keywords, which we shall explore below.

SEO Keyword Analysis
High-value keywords for search engine optimization efforts may be found with the help of Serpstat. Use this to generate fresh content ideas and enhance the performance of what you already have. All the essentials are included; however, unlike Ahrefs and SEMrush, this one isn't nearly as robust.
Enter a root term into Serpstat's search field to uncover related keywords. The program will provide a list of relevant keywords and information on specific terms' challenges and popularity.

AdWords Keyword Analysis
With the PPC keyword research tool, you can use the exact features you're used to from Serpstat's SEO keyword research tool for your paid search campaigns. Once again, although Serpstat does provide a great deal of information and features, it is not as cutting-edge as its leading rivals.

Serpstat provides information including search volume, expected cost-per-click (CPC), and keyword difficulty in assisting customers in choosing the best-sponsored keywords. Serpstat also records and shows the most recent search advertising utilized by competing businesses for selected keywords.

Investigation of Inbound Links
The backlink analysis function in Serpstat helps you learn about your website's current backlink profile and find new content ideas. We found that, compared to more advanced tools like Ahrefs, Serpstat, while accurate, did not find nearly as many backlinks.
Serpstat's dashboard displays fundamentals like the number of backlinks, referring domains, and follow/no follow split. You may monitor the growth or decline of your backlinks and the number of referring domains with the help of charts provided by Serpstat.
Data visualization for link analysis using Serpstat
The top pages report in Serpstat displays the websites that have received the most inbound links. Take a cue from their success and use some of their strategies in your link-building strategy. The same material that helps other businesses get links may help you, too.

Search Engine Position Monitoring
The rank monitoring feature of Serpstat is an excellent way to determine how well your SEO strategies are working. Your website's visibility compared to the competition may be tracked, and the rankings of your most valuable organic search keywords can also be tracked.
Using Serpstat to Monitor Your Keywords
The number of keywords you can monitor sets Serpstat apart from the competition. For $69 per month, Serpstat will monitor up to 15,000 keywords. AccuRanker or SEMrush's monthly fees would be more than $500 for this.
In many ways, Serpstat's rank tracker is similar to other search engines. Among these features are regular updates to rating information, tracking of both mobile and desktop ranks, and the possibility to tailor rank monitoring to a particular region.
However, Serpstat lacks certain functionality in more sophisticated rank monitoring systems. For example, there is no featured snippet report, and the design isn't as user-friendly.

Evaluation of the Competition
The capabilities mentioned above may help you learn about the advertising approaches of your rivals. For instance, a competitive advantage may be attained by using Serpstat's keyword research features.
Competitor analysis reports are also available via Serpstat. By perusing these reports, you may learn more about your rivals and the terms they're using.
Organic Market Leaders
Using Serpstat's keyword research features, you may get a list of your top organic search term competitors. In the dashboard, you can see which keywords you share, which ones you're missing, and how relevant each term is.

Examining the Competition With Serpstat for Search Engine Optimization
With the help of the domain vs. domain tool, you can examine the similarities and differences between your site's keyword use and your competitors' (up to 2). Using this tool, you may learn which keywords are similar to those used by your competitors and which are unique.

Popular Paid Search Rivals
The information in Serpstat's competitor reports is similar to that in organic search reports. When you use this tool, your top paid search competitors will be displayed in order of the number of shared terms.
Researching PPC Rivals Using Serpstat
With this Venn diagram, you can see which sponsored keywords your rivals are bidding on, much like the SEO domain vs. domain tool up top. Learning which keywords to use and how much you want to spend per click can help optimize your sponsored search campaigns.

Inspection of premises
When you use Serpstat's site audit tool, you may find and address technical search problems that lower your search rankings. A good audit makes your site more visible in search engine results and ensures users have a good time.
Duplicate and missing title descriptions, links to redirected sites, and a lack of HTTPS and meta tags are just a few of the technical issues the site audit report identifies that might hurt your rating. Serpstat also checks how long it takes for your website to load and makes suggestions for improvements, such as optimizing images, using CSS and Javascript, and using fonts that are easy to read.

Pricing Plans
Serpstat has 4 different versions, ranging in price from $69 to $499. A demo version of Serpstat may be downloaded at no cost. Check out the many versions and their associated prices to choose one that fits your demands and your wallet.

Serpstat Pros and Cons
Here are some of the benefits and drawbacks of using Serpstat.

  • It has everything you need to optimize your site for search engines.
  • Serpstat is a powerful tool that provides in-depth analyses.
  • It has advanced capabilities not seen in competing for digital marketing platforms. The Missing Keywords tool, the Search Question feature, and the Team Management tool are all examples of such resources.
  • You may take advantage of the offered trial version if you're interested in learning more about this product before making a financial commitment.
  • There are social signals for specific terms.
  • You get access to in-depth studies that are beautifully illustrated.

  • The site audit will take much longer than any other tool if your website has numerous pages.
  • It's possible that you may not get reliable results depending on the keyword difficulty.

Is Serpstat Worth Your Money?
When selecting an SEO or Digital Marketing tool, Serpstat s checks all the boxes. I would recommend Serpstat to anybody looking for a reliable SEO tool. Everything you'd want in an SEO toolkit is there. And the cost is low compared to the market leaders.

All-in-One SEO platform for professionals. Click here to get up to 30% off on some of its packages

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