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Agile CRM Reviews: Details, Pricing, Features, Pros & Cons
Agile CRM Reviews: Details, Pricing, Features, Pros & Cons
Overview: How do you manage the pipeline for sales? What is your follow-up procedure for leads? Is your automated sales procedure smooth and efficient? If your response is "We don't have any," or if you're contingent on a mix of handwritten notes, emails, and spreadsheets. Perhaps it's time to think about upgrading. Let's observe why Agile CRM is the one missing magic ingredient your company needs. Put on your seatbelt now. It’s time to kick off this review of Agile CRM.
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Agile CRM Reviews: Details, Pricing, Features, Pros & Cons
  • Automation tools for marketing, sales, and services
  • One-stop shop for handling all client lifecycle management needs
  • A user-friendly interface ensures a seamless experience
  • Fantastic online form builder with a strong free edition
  • Onboarding and setup are comparatively simple.
  • Most integrations function flawlessly and without any issues
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What is Agile CRM?
Agile CRM is a customer relationship management system that was created with agility. This CRM software is a jack-of-all-trades, providing a suite of sales, marketing, and service features wrapped up in an intuitive user interface. It has a lot of features, such as the following: Contact management, Project Management, Leads Management, Email Marketing, Web Management, Social Media Marketing and much more.
For this reason, we at Small Business Bonfire believe that Agile CRM is ideal for startups and small and midsize enterprises (SMBs).
Simple is that it is an all-in-one platform that integrates different aspects of your company, eliminating the need for several tools and simplifying processes. Its intuitive design also facilitates team uptake, regardless of size. Agile CRM is more than just a tool; it's the coxswain of your company, directing and organizing the activities of your crew and helping you succeed.

Features of Agile CRM
Contact Management
Contact management software is the most crucial tool for the sales team. Agile CRM collects client information from different sources. It keeps current information from their social media profiles. For example, if a contact updates their status on LinkedIn it will update instantly. All channels are included in the interaction history, including the phone. It is simple to categorize, organize, and build company-wide profiles for your contacts with Agile CRM.

Project Management
The project tools from Agile provide a simple drag-and-drop feature. The visual dashboard assists in providing immediate summaries of the ongoing process. Filtering options include status, deadline, owner, and priority. While employees may only concentrate on their duties, managers can examine all of the tasks completed by their team. Notes can be added to jobs as well. Everything from the sales process to support staff tickets works well with this system.

Lead Management
Every company need leads. Agile CRM allows you to scan social media for leads. It uses websites like LinkedIn to generate leads and automates the process. After that, lead scoring is determined by triggers that you may configure. Tools for automation take over from there. The sales funnel benefits from this delegation approach. Reminders may be used by sales representatives to nurture leads as well.

Email Marketing
Several templates and good customization are included in this feature. You can customize the messages in bulk email campaigns by using attribute fields. Email lead scoring is integrated and can identify prospects that are prepared for sales teams. Email tracking is one of the many email marketing strategies available. It divides audiences into groups. Lastly, you receive high-quality campaign metrics for your email emails, including click and open rates.

Web Management
Agile CRM comes with a ton of online engagement features. Pop-up windows can be made for new website visitors. Additionally, personalized messaging will be sent to acknowledge return visitors. Specific suggestions can be made using pop-ups. Information about anonymous users, such as the website they originated from, is available. You may obtain information on website activity and other online trends from different web analytics.

Social Media Marketing
Agile CRM helps in planning social media content. It keeps track of engagements and arranges publication schedules. Influencers, potential clients, and consumers' social behavior is monitored and analyzed. You can also hear it when someone mentions your brand on social media. Social listening may also be used for forecasting and trend identification.

Landing Pages
Points are awarded for the usability of the Agile CRM landing page builder. It is only a drag-and-drop utility. Your created landing pages adapt to the displays of mobile devices. Numerous free templates are available. Additionally, you may design online forms that initiate welcome emails and other marketing automation.

Appointment Scheduling
Sales representatives may set up appointments and handle scheduling with the help of a calendar and time slot tool provided by Agile CRM. It compiles all of the client information and adds appointments to the CRM data. Google Calendar and Microsoft Outlook are integrated. Invites may be sent out automatically when you create calendar events.

A fun tool for sales teams is gamification. You may incentivize your team to compete amicably by gamification sales statistics. Gamification also teaches sales teams new ways to work together. Even personalized leaderboards are possible. Sales figures have been shown to increase with gamification.

Mobile CRM Platform
For iOS and Android, there are excellent mobile apps for Agile CRM. It is easy to utilize the user interface. It conveniently arranges your most recent and frequently used CRM products at the top for easy access and reuse. With a mobile app, you have access to all the contact details just like you would with the top CRM software.

Pros and Cons of Agile CRM

  • A user-friendly interface ensures a seamless experience

  • Automation tools for marketing, sales, and services

  • One-stop shop for handling all client lifecycle management needs

  • Reasonable price schedules

  • Fantastic online form builder with a strong free edition

  • Onboarding and setup are comparatively simple.

  • Automated emails to clients and users, such as follow-ups, function well and help you remember critical tasks.

  • The lead scoring and generation have received high appreciation.

  • Most integrations function flawlessly and without any issues.

  • Web analytics are popular, particularly sophisticated click tracking.

  • All things considered, Agile CRM is highly recommended for individuals who are just starting with a CRM and require a bit of everything.


  • Over 1,000 contacts is a bit too much to handle in terms of contacts.

  • There is no HTML editing option in the email builder. For those with a basic understanding of programming, this would enable additional customization.

  • Reports may appear a little cluttered or unappealing visually. Might stand to have a simpler design.

  • Limited personalization of contacts

  • Absence of live chat assistance

  • Absence of true project management skills

  • It might be challenging to manage updates from Agile CRM.

  • Concerns have been raised over the lower plans' lack of support.

  • The negative feedback for Agile CRM is typically based on specific instances and does not represent broad grievances.

Pricing of Agile CRM
There is a free plan available in addition to three paid plans.The table below shows the summary of costs

Now let's see all the plans in detail
Basic Plan

  • Always Free when you just want the basics

Pro Plan

  • When you have a small team. Starts at $7.99/user/month

Premium Plan

  • When you have a medium sized team. Starts at 11.99/user/month

Is Agile CRM worth it?
After reading this entire review, you still have a question: Is Agile CRM the appropriate fit for my company?
Agile CRM is a fantastic choice if your small or startup company is just getting started and hasn't used any CRM before. Indeed, few companies always want to remain small forever. For businesses who want a CRM that can expand with them, agile CRM is well worth the investment. This is easy with Agile CRM's tiered price plans.
All of the essential features for marketing, sales, and customer service are included in agile CRM. However, you could require certain ERP technologies if your organization is larger. Agile CRM is probably not for you in this situation.
In conclusion. One of the greatest customer relationship management systems available is agile CRM. That's significant since there is fierce competition in this software industry. You may always give Agile CRM a go with their free edition if you're still not sure if it's the appropriate fit for you. Better still, put some cash into the Starter plan. Anytime you want, you can easily upgrade, downgrade, or cancel from inside the Agile CRM web dashboard.
Here it is, the comprehensive overview of Agile CRM evaluations. Go handle some contact connections like a pro right now!

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