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Cloudways Hosting Review 2023: Features, Pricing & More
Overview: What is Cloudways?

Cloudways is a recent innovation in cloud hosting. However, it doesn't offer customary hosting. It is offering management and configuration services for servers from recognized cloud service providers like Amazon Web Services, DigitalOcean and Google Cloud. If you lack technological expertise, VPS is notorious for being difficult to utilize. Therefore, Cloudways steps in and configures a single server for you while giving you a user-friendly interface comparable to shared web hosting. The concept is excellent. The catch is that you need to send in a bigger payment than usual.
Cloudways is a platform that stands out from the rest of the web hosting service providers because it prioritises giving clients value. It is accomplished by ensuring that the hosted website operates flawlessly. Simultaneously, simplicity is ensured so that users can easily set up their applications.
Additionally, the fact that their company manages all the trouble of server administration and you simply have to pay for the services makes it a great platform for everyone. It has this one characteristic, which makes it a desirable choice for all kinds of business owners. Businesses may concentrate more on providing their services while leaving the technical details in the hands of experts.
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Cloudways Hosting Review 2023: Features, Pricing & More
  • You get a ton of incredible advantages and benefits
  • Scalability
  • Reasonable prices
  • Outstanding client service
  • 3-day Free Trial
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How does it work?
In this section, we will see how Cloudways work and helps you to manage cloud hosting. Here are some key steps:
  • Choose a Cloud Provider: First of all select a cloud service provider from given options like AWS, GCP, DigitalOcean, etc.
  • Deploy Servers: By using Cloudways' user-friendly interface create and configure servers on your chosen cloud service provider.
  • Application Selection: Start or choose a web application from scratch.
  • One-Click Install: With just one single click you can install your chosen application, eliminating manual setup.
  • Server Management: To manage servers use Cloudways' dashboard, perform backups, and configure settings.
  • Security and Monitoring: Get extra benefits from in-built security features and server performance monitoring.
  • Scalability: To meet your website's changing needs it easily adjusts server resources.
  • Add-ons and Integrations: It helps you enhance the functionalities with marketplace add-ons.
  • Customer Support: Cater for customers through chat, email, or ticketing systems as needed.
Features of Cloudways
The primary function of Cloudways is as a WordPress hosting platform. You can count on Cloudways to be able to do any chores you require for your WordPress site, including SSL installs, HTTPS redirection, backups, and other jobs that might be challenging for inexperienced users.
The following is a list of Cloudways' features:
  • Custom Control Panel: Following account creation, you may operate your servers via the Cloudways management panel. Although it differs from the conventional cPanel used by most providers, Cloudways' unique control panel is user-friendly and up-to-date. You may access Servers, Applications, Teams, and Projects via the menu on this screen.
  • Staging and cloning: Cloudways' staging will be a useful tool for modifications you want to test out before making them permanent on your website. When the modifications pass the test in the staging area, you may push the changes to the live website. In this manner, you won't have to be concerned about making damaging alterations that you can't undo. Staging and cloning share certain similarities. When switching to different servers or showing your website to clients, you can create many clone sites.
  • Advance Caching: Five cloud service providers, including DigitalOcean, Linode, Vultr, AWS, and Google Cloud, supply the server infrastructure for Cloudways. These companies are all well-known for offering dedicated VPS servers built on SSD technology, which guarantees quick server performance. In addition to this cloud infrastructure, Cloudways uses several caching techniques to enhance servers. The business makes use of Breeze, an internal caching plug-in. This plug-in is simple to configure, enable, and disable. More significantly, it supports CloudwaysCDN, the company's content delivery network.
  • By caching your web pages on many servers situated across the world, CloudwaysCDN increases speed and dependability. While the free trial account does not have access to this function, all of Cloudways' commercial plans offer it at a reasonable price. Application Management provides access to this capability, which may be introduced with a single click. Websites running on Cloudways can also utilize Cloudflare CDN; Cloudflare will work with Breeze. Varnish and Redis are two more common caching technologies that are supported, however, Cloudways advises against using them both.
  • Vertical Scaling: If you ever need to update your server for any reason, Vertical Scaling will allow you to do so quickly and easily. Under Server Management, there is a tab that contains the function. Scaling is beneficial since it works both ways. If you need to go back to your old hosting plan, you can downgrade.
  • Customer Support: Cloudways offers live chat help around the clock to give you prompt assistance. Additionally, you may write an email, request a call, browse the blog and knowledge base, participate in the community forum, and access Cloudways' social media accounts. Additionally, Cloudways includes a CloudWaysBot that keeps an eye on the servers and sends alerts anytime there is a change or a problem.

Pros and Cons of Cloudways
  • You get a ton of incredible advantages and benefits when you choose Cloudways for your website hosting and server administration needs. Here, we'll go into more detail about a few benefits that come with using their services.
  • Scalability: Because things may start little but eventually demand more resources, scalability is a crucial choice for enterprises. This is something that Cloudways pay close attention to, and they provide their customers with excellent scalability choices. Therefore, you may benefit from a variety of scalability options for the backend of your website with Cloudways at your side.
  • Reasonable prices: Pricing is both transparent and reasonable. Both requirements can be satisfied at the same time. This is the platform that offers the most competitive prices for its services. Furthermore, there are no surprises in their price plans. It implies that you will be fully aware of the costs involved.
  • Outstanding client service: The assistance that a service provider offers is what adds the most value to their offerings. Utilizing Cloudways' services has the advantage of getting fantastic customer assistance.
  • Simple security measures
  • There is an additional fee for email hosting.
  • No opportunity to register a domain

Pricing of Cloudways
The plans that Cloudways offers range in price from $14/month to hundreds of dollars/month. Although there is a significant discrepancy, it may be explained by the varying quantities of RAM, CPU, disk space, and bandwidth that each service provider offers.

Each hosting solution has a different price point, but all of the simple plans provide the same free SSLs, infinite everyday backups, and limitless hosting options.
What sets Cloudways' price apart from that of the original providers? With DigitalOcean, the identical base resources would be significantly less expensive than the Cloudways. The increased convenience of having Cloudways deploy and set up the server for you offsets the higher cost, though. A control panel with several helpful features is also included. So far, it appears to be an excellent alternative from our perspective.
When it comes to the finest solutions, Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform are a bit more expensive. You may now select a provider of a server, the location of the server, and the size of the server when you make the purchase. There is nothing else in your cart but the price you see there.
You can scale up for that time when you need more control for some more days. When you no longer require the extra resources, you may return to the original strategy. Your usage will be billed at the end of the month, and additional resources will only be added for the period that you utilized them.
Additionally, Cloudways provides a free three-day trial for free that doesn't ask for your credit card information. It's an easy and not-so-risky approach to determine whether the service provider lives up to your expectations.
In all honesty, Cloudways' pricing division is its strongest point. Although they do charge extra for greater simplicity, the pricing idea and flexibility to scale up and down at any time are truly remarkable. There isn’t any need to mention but it is a completely free three-day trial.

Is Cloudways Hosting Worth it?
Finding a trustworthy platform for server administration and hosting services has become crucial since it impacts the functionality of your website.
This Cloudways review makes it quite clear that it offers a lot. It's a service unlike anything you've ever encountered, and it offers both excellent server speed and a ton of entertaining features. One of the greatest platforms you may use in this respect is Cloudways. We covered all the information you had to know about it here.
It is a fantastic alternative for not-so-big company owners or well-known bloggers who want robust hosting without the intricacy of it, given how simple it is to use. It's also a fantastic choice for independent contractors and businesses that produce websites in teams.

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