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REIPro Review: Pricing, Pros, Cons & Features
Overview: REIPro is a built-in platform particularly developed to aid real estate investors with their lead-generating and marketing activities. The program has lately been attracting a lot of attention from both real estate experts and industry critics. It also proved a game-changer for some real estate speculators. REIPro was built by software engineering specialist Bo Manry and real estate guru, Chris Goff.
REIPro was designed for both small and large real estate firms. Using REIPro, you may look for everything from an empty lot to a bank-owned property. Prices for such postings are also provided by the program. Find resources in different regions with the help of the streamlined search function. You may aim for both adjacent and faraway manors. REIPro is not just a database management system; it is also a marketing tool that allows you to reach out to prospective customers and investors.
Special Offers
REIPro Review: Pricing, Pros, Cons & Features
  • Free 14- Day Trail
  • From closing more deals in less time with less effort.
  • REIPro is packed full of features.
  • Free Postcards and Letter Templates to choose and use
  • Good Customer Support
Starting at

Click here for a 14-day Trial and find out how to Confidently grow your real estate investing business… from finding leads to closing deals. From Start to Paycheck! 

The system comes with pre-made layouts for 20 different types of letters and 90 different postcards. There's no cost for any of them. A transaction analyzer is included in REIPro to aid in the evaluation of potential investments. It uses evidence-based analysis to check the validity of your agreements. The app also allows you to go into your prior financial dealings. Using this method, you may develop successful plans for your real estate company.

Key Features
Some of the more notable aspects of this flexible program are described above. Let's take a deeper look at all of REIPRo's features if you're interested in learning more about what it can do for you.
A Comparative Analysis of a Potential Business Transaction
You may do a cost-benefit analysis that will aid you during negotiations since you have access to many listings and their relative rates. With REIPro's many calculation tools, you can figure out how much a property is worth and how much it will cost to fix up.

You may use the system's several inspection forms to evaluate prospective deals. By conducting thorough scenario analyses to determine the best course of action, you can maximize your potential return on investment (ROI) from a potential sale.
As an added bonus, REIPro can help you centralize all of your real estate investment deals in one location. You may manage your files from any location at any time, increasing your efficiency.

Location Search and Related Data
You may use this function to find investment opportunities that fit your specific requirements. The following are only a few of the many available options:
  • foreclosures on homes held by banks
  • Empty houses
  • Pre-foreclosures
  • Parcels whose owners are never present
  • Unencumbered real estate
  • Customers with cash
  • residential real estate with high and low equity.
  • Owners of trust-owned properties
You may expand your network and make valuable connections with other professionals in the real estate sector by joining REIPro and chatting with investors from all over the nation.

Automated Procedure Workbench
This function is very helpful for novice real estate investors since it teaches you how to perform the fundamental duties of an investor. Investing in your business is made easier with this software's intuitive 10-step workflow methodology. You won't have to second-guess what to do next with any real estate leads thanks to the fact that each one has its own unique process.

Potential vendors' and buyers' names, email addresses, phone numbers, landline numbers, and even ages, may all be collected using the workflow system's contact function. Other properties' mortgage amounts and tax details from all 50 states are also available.

Management of a Campaign
If your marketing approach is inefficient, it won't matter how many real estate leads you've created. With REIPro's built-in mail system, it is easy to create and send marketing campaigns to potential investors.

Campaign for REIPRO
You may also use it to record the details of your marketing initiatives for subsequent evaluation and analysis. You may use this information to fine-tune your advertising approach and better connect with your target audience.

Take the Wheel in Administration
REIPro does more than just generate leads; it also provides a central hub from which you can manage all of your prospective clients. Finding motivated vendors does not require you to go through the trouble of utilizing many resources.
If you use REIPRo, you won't have to go from platform to platform in search of suitable leads or to complete your real estate transactions. With REIPro, it was much less of a hassle to track down and manage leads.

Promotional Email
The prosperity of your real estate company depends significantly on your marketing efforts. To attract the attention of eager vendors, you need a solid advertising plan. REIPro's marketing library is another selling point, as it provides access to more than 90 professionally designed and eye-catching postcard templates, letter formats, email layouts, flyers, checklists, budget sheets, and special reports.
You may use these resources to gain an advantage over the competition. And there is no cost to contribute your own content to the site as well.

Mail-Order Catalogue
Reaching out to leads and creating personalized campaigns is easier than ever with this new tool. Depending on your specific goals, you may choose from a wide variety of possible marketing strategies. This program is amazing since it allows you to do anything you want, whenever you want.

Leads can be added at any time, letters can be printed whenever it's convenient, postcards can be tracked while in transit, lists can be exported, and postcards can be sent quickly and efficiently using their in-house printing facility.

REIPro's LISTMaid service could help you organize your contact lists and cut down on the number of emails that bounce.

Service-oriented architecture for the real estate industry
When it comes to handling transactions, no real estate owner can overstate the value of solid customer relationship management (CRM) software. You can keep track of all of your leads, properties, buyers, marketing efforts, and other relevant information with REIPro, a customer relationship management tool designed specifically for the real estate industry.

Sales data from the Multiple Listing Service
Important information, including county recorded sales and MLS sales prices, may be obtained from the MLS using REIPro's MLS Comparable Sales tool in all 50 states. You can see up to ten years of tax returns and mortgage payments, as well as the most recent information.
With the help of your investing team, you can speed up the process of buying real estate and find opportunities that will make you money.

Capabilities to Conduct Searches
The ability to search for specific terms is another strong feature of REIPro. Based on your specific investment criteria, you may identify suitable homes in a short amount of time. In addition to the standard details, you also get access to the projected worth and the amount of equity in the property.
Searches may be narrowed down by a wide variety of criteria, including kind of property, equity potential, price, property features, owner type, number of bedrooms, comparable sales, and transaction history. Using this information, you may be able to make marketing campaigns for your target audience that are more interesting and relevant.

In-Depth Premium Mobile Search
The premium phone search function makes it simple to track down home owners through email, landline, or cell phone number.

Tracking down missing persons
One of the quickest methods to get in contact with potential clients in real estate investment is through skip tracing. An efficient and trustworthy method of contacting potential clients is essential to the success of any real estate investment firm.
Whether you have a single lead or many leads, REIPro's skip tracing tool will help you find the owner's contact information. The number of results you can get is limitless, and this includes all potential leads' email addresses as well as up to three landline and three cell phone numbers.

Using Zapier, you can connect REIPro to your other apps of choice. Just go on over to Zapier.com and do a search for REIPro to see what you can connect it to.

Integration of the REIPRO software
Google Apps, Trello, Podio, HubSpot CRM, Squarespace, WordPress, Microsoft 365, Slack, and ClickSend are just some of the possible connectors.
By combining REIPro with other programs, you may be able to save time and get more done in the world of real estate investing.

REIPro Pricing Plans
If you're interested in trying out REIPro, they offer a 14-day trial during which you won't be charged anything.

After the trial, you may pick from three different price plans: monthly, quarterly, or annually.
Prices range from $99 for the "Standard Plan" for a single user to $139 for the "Standard Plus Plan" for up to five users and $249 for the "Team Plan" for up to ten users.
It's possible to save $30 per month by paying annually instead of monthly or $10 per month by paying quarterly.
The plans also vary in the quantity of premium features available to each user.
The remaining characteristics of each package are equivalent.

ReiPro Pros and Cons

  • Both the layout and functionality of the program are first-rate. The underlying code must be very impressive. The software design and development team deserve a lot of credit. It's just like being in the driver's seat of a vehicle. From generating leads to sealing the deal, everything is simple to access. You may generate leads by selecting a demographic, customizing the attributes you're looking for in prospective homes, and applying filters. Since then, they've included the distribution of post cards and other media to the intended audience. We liked that it already has a CRM built in. The history of sales and mortgages on a property are two more helpful pieces of data. They also provide a tool for estimating the value of an offer, which may be used in conjunction with a number of other strategic approaches to bargaining.
  • The yearly plan is very pricey.
Is REIPro Worth It?
We quickly learned through our testing and usage of REIPro that it was created with the needs of investors in mind. Time is saved, and the big picture is maintained by tailoring all features and functionality to the regular business procedures of a real estate investor. Simply getting seller leads for less money than buying lists individually is enough to justify the investment. Because of the risk-free 14-day trial, you may want to give it a go. In fact, real estate agents may find it intriguing as a means of drawing in new seller customers.

Click here for a 14-day Trial and find out how to Confidently grow your real estate investing business… from finding leads to closing deals. From Start to Paycheck!

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