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pCloud Review 2023 [Features, Pricing, Security & More
Overview: pCloud AG is a startup founded in 2013 in Switzerland. Over the last several years, it has amassed a user base of over 10 million. Since Switzerland has very strict privacy and security regulations and is not a member of any intelligence partnerships (such as the 14 eyes), using pCloud is a very safe bet. You can obtain 10 GB of free storage space with a pCloud account if you install the desktop program and validate your email address.
pCloud's popularity has skyrocketed since the service's inception in 2013. There are presently 14 million users because of the service's rapid file synchronization, dedicated media player, and increased security. Cloud storage is available from all three of the industry's heavy hitters: Apple, Google, and Microsoft, as well as from established businesses like Dropbox and Box. Therefore, it's fair to question whether the market needs more participants.
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pCloud Review 2023 [Features, Pricing, Security & More
  • Completely unbreakable encryption
  • tempo sync
  • Taking Bitcoin as Payment
  • Folder syncing with built-in media player
  • Plans available in perpetuity
  • Significant savings
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However, new services like pCloud keep appearing and trying to take market share away from the established players. Most of them boast the same capabilities, including remote file access, reduced reliance on local storage, document sharing, and group work. In addition to its competitive cost, pCloud stands out because of its no-knowledge local encryption feature.

Key Features

Using pCloud, you can quickly and effortlessly back up all of your online profiles and files. It is compatible with cloud storage platforms including Google Drive, Dropbox, Facebook, Instagram, and OneDrive, allowing for automated data backups.

Social media backups pcloud
In the unfortunate event that you lose access to your account, this will come in handy. The pCloud Backup folder will be a secure location for all of your data. pCloud is planning to add support for backing up WordPress sites. Soon, pCloud will provide built-in support for backing up your WordPress installation.

Transform File Dimensions
To further customize your cloud storage experience, the 'Download Converted' option allows you to downsize files before to download.

Cloud Shrinks
The maximum file size that may be converted is unbounded. This function also aids in the faster and smaller file size download of images than would otherwise be the case.

Add to Request
The File Request function is helpful if you need to request files from people who aren't pCloud customers.

Obtaining Data from Pcloud
Simply create a folder and share the URL with others so they may add files. Users need merely sign up with their name to get started uploading documents.

Promotional Contents Page
Companies and individuals alike can greatly benefit from the Branding Page option. To make the file upload page seem more like your business, you may upload a custom logo, cover picture, and description.

Shared Documents in pCloud
This is a neat option to test out if you want to host your own HTML site at their domain. Simply said, you may utilize pCloud's storage as a web server for your static HTML site.

pCloud's document management features are quite flexible. It supports a wide variety of document formats, including Word, DocX, PDF, Excel, and PowerPoint.

Online storage documents
The one downside is the absence of document-editing features. It's possible to use the programs already installed on your computer to make changes to files stored in pCloud Drive. You can only view files online, not change them.

Media Player Functions
Never before has it been so simple to share multimedia files online and have them play instantly. Both video and audio may be played using pCloud's built-in media players, but the app shines when it comes to playing music.

MP3s from pcloud
A built-in music player allows you to arrange your tunes in a variety of ways, including by artist, album, and playlist. Songs, albums, and playlists may be played continuously or randomly. It's a great music player, really. When it comes to music storage in the cloud, I have to recommend pCloud since there is nothing else worth considering. To add, pCloud is a great alternative to Google Drive for storing digital images. It's also better for your privacy.

You'll get access to Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) 256-bit encryption, one of the most robust techniques currently in use. Most businesses rely on this encryption method since it's the norm. Two-factor authentication is an option for those who want an additional layer of security.

Security for pcloud storage
To obtain OTPs while login into your account, you may use either your mobile phone's built-in functionality or the Google Authenticator app. Notification codes are also made available. An authorization code will be sent to my computer if pCloud is already installed there and you're attempting to install it on your phone

pCloud's Encrypted Storage
pCloud Crypto is zero-knowledge encryption, which ensures that only you can decipher the information you save in the cloud.Simply put, zero-knowledge encryption is what pCloud Crypto refers to behind the scenes. If you use pCloud Crypto, your information will be secure from prying eyes. Your information will remain unreadable even if it is stolen or compromised. If you value your privacy and need a reliable method of storing sensitive information, pCloud Crypto is a great choice.

crypto on pcloud
When you enable this kind of encryption, pCloud will create a special Crypto folder in your account that can only be accessed with the password you create and name Crypto Pass.

Encryption password for pcloud
A few months ago, they also launched the pCloud Crypto Hacking Challenge, which is an open invitation to the best academics and researchers to break into pCloud's Crypto encryption system.

Problems with Encryption in the Cloud
However, it has been shown to be one of the most secure encryption methods since no one has been able to crack it. You'll have to pony up some more cash if you want to make use of this option.

Disclaimer of Personal Information
According to their privacy statement, they log users' IP addresses. All cloud storage services operate in this manner. However, if you're concerned about your data's safety, they also offer a zero-knowledge encryption service for a fee.

Pcloud as a backup solution
The backup system we use performs sync on a block level; therefore, we have decent transfer rates. Modifications will be reflected in the cloud only when using block-level sync.

Pricing Plan
Value-wise, pCloud is second only to Sync.com when it comes to cloud storage providers, and its prices are quite competitive.

For just $7.99 a month, you can get 1 TB of cloud storage for you and all of your team members, pCloud encryption, and a 180-day free trial. The Record of Files
One terabyte of storage space, pCloud encryption, and 180 days of file history are all included in the $9.99 monthly fee per user.

Personal plans:
The very minimum is completely free, and it offers 10 GB of space at most.
500 GB of storage space for $4.99/month or $49.99/year with the premium plan.
The price of a premium account with 500 GB of storage for life is $125.
The price for Premium Plus with 2TB of storage is $9.99/month or $99.99/year.
You may pay $350 once and get lifetime premium access and 2 terabytes of storage.
A month of pCloud's encryption service will set you back $4.99.

pCloud Pros and Cons

  • Significant savings
  • Completely unbreakable encryption
  • tempo sync
  • Taking Bitcoin as Payment
  • Folder syncing with built-in media player
  • Plans available in perpetuity
  • Fees for encryption are optional, and there is no paperless workflow.
Is pCloud Worth it?
From everything we've seen in this pCloud review, it's clear that pCloud is the best choice for online storage because of its combination of superior features and low pricing.
By storing them on a virtual drive, you can avoid using up valuable storage space on your hard drive, and the Crypto folder gives you control over which of your files and folders are encrypted using a zero-knowledge key. Your data will be protected, even if this is a paid add-on, with this feature.
If you've spent years curating a music library, pCloud's in-app media player makes it simple to stream your music on any device, from a desktop to a mobile phone. There are also some great multimedia tools, such as the ability to shrink images and compress video.
pCloud also has reasonable costs, with some plans providing as much or more space for the same price as its rivals. The current moment is ideal for making the investment in a pCloud lifetime plan because of the steep discounts still available. In the beginning, the free version's ample storage space made it a good choice. pCloud continues to be one of our top choices for cloud storage for a variety of reasons.

Click Here To Sign up and get up to 10 GB free storage

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