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DealCheck Reviews - Pros & Cons, Ratings & More
Overview: Whether you're on a desktop computer, mobile device, or tablet, using DealCheck to research and evaluate potential investments is quick and easy. It's the go-to platform for real estate research, used by over 200k investors and agents, and has been featured on Forbes, MSN, BiggerPockets, and other reputable media outlets.
Whether you're looking for a rental property, a flip, a rehab project, a multi-family home, or a commercial facility, DealCheck can help you quickly and easily run the numbers and do due diligence. Information on a property may be imported quickly from public sources or manually entered using a simple wizard. Our tool will compute a full financial breakdown of the transaction for you, including all associated expenses and profits.
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DealCheck Reviews - Pros & Cons, Ratings & More
  • Free 14- Day Trail
  • Analyze any investment property in seconds
  • Starter Package is Free Forever
  • Unlimited Properties to Browse and Analyze
  • Excellent Customer Support
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Analyze any investment property in seconds. Click here to start your 14 days Trail.

Find comparable sales and rentals, generate, and share comprehensive reports, evaluate properties using your own set of criteria, and use a reverse valuation study to come up with the best possible offer. Your data will be saved in the cloud and accessible from any device that has an internet connection. Using this method, you won't lose any time if you begin a task on one device and then switch to another.

Key Features

We have found that this program is useful for investors of all experience levels, from those curious about rental investing to those who already own many homes. You can swiftly assess many different kinds of real estate, including single-family houses, apartment buildings, business rents, and wholesale purchases.

Thorough Estimates
There are numerous more rules of thumb that may be easily calculated using the DealCheck app. For the most involved calculations, you'll likely require a lot of time with a pen and paper or calculating program. The capitalization rate (cap rate), cash-on-cash return (COR), return on investment (ROI), the 50% rule, the internal rate of return (IRR), the debt coverage ratio (DCR), and many more!

Informative PDFs
The DealCheck app's ability to immediately provide me with a comprehensive PDF of a prospective rental property is its best feature. Potential cash flow, a detailed description of the property, a purchasing analysis with a few calculations, income and costs, buy-and-hold estimates, recent comparable sales and listings, photographs, and more are just some of the things that are often included in a PDF.

Obtainable Calculator for Presents
Once you've put a property and your investment criteria into the DealCheck app, the Offer Calculator will help you figure out how much you should offer to meet your cash flow needs.

The Next 35 Years
The program takes information about a property and then predicts how its value will change over the next 35 years.

Speedy Data Importation
You can access data from websites like Zillow and Realtor.com after entering a location you're interested in. There are several places where you may add your own details, such as photographs, an MLS number, and more.

Time Required for Analysis
The DealCheck app is amazing since it takes less than 5 minutes to go from searching for a property to printing out a PDF with many pages. What makes this software stand out is how quickly detailed information about a possible property can be retrieved.

Unparalleled attention to detail
While we haven't had any direct experience with their customer service, I have heard nothing but praise for them. This is a must-have function for every modern app or website.

Pricing Plans
Everyone starts off using the free edition of the DealCheck app, which is a nice thing about this program since the free version has all the features they need to get started.
DealCheck is completely free to use and download. However, if you want extra features, the plus plan will cost you an additional $13.99 per month, and the pro plan will set you back an additional $28.99 per month.

We've included a snapshot of the price scale for your perusal below, broken down into the free plan, the plus plan, and the pro plan. These data, which were taken from a snapshot of the website, are rather different from the numbers that were shown on iTunes earlier:
As you can see, upgrading to a plus or pro plan comes with several significant benefits. The good news is that you may take advantage of a free trial for a period of 14 days before finally committing to a paid subscription.
The Plus plan is an excellent location to begin your search for a new rental property investment if you are serious about finding the right one. For this reason, you will have the opportunity to store up to fifty different investment properties on every device you use.
Even while the platform needs users to pay for a premium membership in order to access some services, it does provide users with a free plan that allows them to use the site's fundamental functions without being subject to a time restriction.
Once a user creates an account with DealCheck, they are granted access to the following default services, regardless of whether or not they pay for the service:
  • Protecting one's property
  • Sales and rental comps
  • Models of real estate properties
  • Images of the property
  • Calculator for the flow of funds from rentals
  • Calculator for buying and selling houses
  • Calculator for residential and commercial properties with many units
  • Investment return calculator
  • Profit and cash flow estimates over the longer term
  • analyst of financing and borrowing options
  • Reports written by professionals
  • Property data imports
  • Directory of Lenders from Across the Country
  • Instruments used in real estate wholesaling
  • Comparison of two different properties side by side
  • Syncing in the cloud between a personal computer and an iOS or Android smartphone
  • Currently, DealCheck offers three different subscription packages.
This plan does not cost anything. There are no recurring or hidden payments, but consumers only get access to a select handful of the available functions.
Users who subscribe to the Starter plan get the following benefits:
  • Up to 15 properties may be stored.
  • Up to five comparables in terms of sales and rentals
  • Up to five different property model options
  • up to five photographs of the property
People who are just starting started in the industry of real estate investment would benefit tremendously from using the free plan. Users have the option to switch to premium programs as the company expands.

Users who subscribe to the Plus plan are required to pay $14 per month (or $10 per month if invoiced yearly) to make use of DealCheck.
Once you've paid for the plan, you'll have access to all of the standard features as well as the following exclusive services:
  • Up to fifty properties may be stored.
  • Up to ten comparable in terms of sales and rentals
  • Up to ten different property model options
  • Up to fifteen photographs of the property
  • Access to property records and listings that have been kept up to date
  • Calculator for the purchase offer
  • Unlocking all requirements for the purchase
This strategy is well-suited for real estate investors with an intermediate degree of experience who are just beginning to obtain agreements.
  • DealCheck's most sophisticated option is called the Pro plan, and it costs $29 per month for regular customers but just $20 per month for those who prefer to be invoiced yearly.
  • Users who subscribe to this plan get access to the standard services as well as the one-of-a-kind features that are listed below:
  • Unlimited number of stored property settings
  • Unlimited commissions on sales and rentals
  • Unlimited sample forms for properties
  • Unlimited photographs of the property
  • Access to property records and listings that have been kept up to date
  • Calculator for the purchase offer
  • Unlocking all requirements for the purchase
  • Customizable sales and rental comps
  • Search for property owner information
  • Property reports that may be customized
  • To get the most out of the Pro plan, you should be an experienced investor with a solid real estate portfolio.
Deal Check Pros and Cons

  • Users may see whether the platform is a good fit by signing up for the free plan.
  • Investments may be made from any location with the help of DealCheck's convenient mobile applications.
  • While there is some initial confusion about how to use the platform, a wealth of information is provided in the form of a help center.
  • During business hours (Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. UTC), DealCheck's live chat support staff is ready to answer any questions you may have (the average response time is under 10 minutes).
  • Through its partnerships with several training institutions, DealCheck can offer steep discounts (up to 94%) on comprehensive online real estate courses.
  • Whether using the website or the mobile app, you can count on it to always work quickly and reliably (with very few interruptions).
  • All the app's financial terms are defined in a glossary so that they are easy to look up.
  • In comparison to its rivals like Bigger Pockets, DealCheck offers significantly more reasonable pricing.
Unfortunately, users can't make deals using the app itself.

Is dealcheck Worth it?
Real estate investment is becoming more and more popular and competitive, so it's more important than ever to have the best tools for the job. When it comes to quickly analyze investment properties, researching sales and rental comps, creating professional marketing reports, and screening properties to locate the best offers, DealCheck's property analysis tool is a clear winner. It is a one-stop-shop for doing real estate analysis, whether you're at your desk or on the road, thanks to its comprehensive property assessment and analysis solution.

Analyze any investment property in seconds. Click here to start your 14 days Trail. 

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