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ActiveCampaign for Marketing Reviews & Product Details, Pros, Cons, Should I give it a try?
Overview: Over 180,000 organizations in 170 countries use ActiveCampaign's Customer Experience Automation Platform (CXA) to improve their ability to connect with their consumers. For effective segmentation and customization across social media, email, messaging, chat, and text, the platform provides access to 750+ pre-built automation that bring together transactional email and email marketing, marketing automation, and CRM. 75% or more of ActiveCampaign's clients take advantage of the software's 850+ integrations with other platforms. Monthly pricing begins at a low $9.
The Chicago-based company's automation software is reducing unnecessary email traffic and improving productivity for its 180,000 users. Customers of ActiveCampaign's automated processes were able to save 38.4 million hours between July 2020 and July 2021. That guarantees great value for money, but how much value do you receive for your money given that it's on the more expensive end of the spectrum.
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ActiveCampaign for Marketing Reviews & Product Details, Pros, Cons, Should I give it a try?
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They certainly seem like a top-tier email marketing platform, what with all the bells and whistles they provide, including fast and helpful customer service and seamless interfaces with other platforms. In this ActiveCampaign review, we'll look at the service to see if it does what it says it will do.

Activecampaign Features
You may have seen some nice ActiveCampaign reviews online, but such reviews may not tell the complete story. We used our real-world experience and knowledge of hundreds of other simple and advanced marketing automation platforms to give ActiveCampaign a thorough review.

Maintaining a Lookout
Site tracking is a method of associating a contact's online actions with a subsequent marketing campaign. It enables users to interact with visitors in real time as they navigate the site. In this approach, users may cater their offerings to the preferences of their existing clientele. In order to do so, the system may monitor a contact's activity on the user's site thanks to the Site Tracking feature. Each contact record comes along with a full-page view history, allowing users to see precisely what they have and have not done on their site.

Liable to change
Through the use of conditional content, users are able to dynamically modify the material they display to each individual contact. Emails, for instance, might include whole new chunks of text or graphics based on factors such as the visited websites or the contacts' tags. This function can also be used to email sale contacts or to showcase items that must be seen in the past.

Monitoring of events
Event tracking is a function in ActiveCampaign that lets you notify your contacts about what they've done in the system. This data may then be utilized to create targeted advertisements. Users' website logins may also be reported to the system through event tracking. It may be used in the buying process to initiate advertising campaigns.

Open Application Programming Interface
The accessibility of ActiveCampaign's application programming interface (API) is a major selling point for the platform. This is a must-have function that ensures seamless app-to-app integration for consumers. If necessary, they may also increase their powers.

Service-to-Sell Relationship Management Software
The system's automated features double as customer relationship management capabilities, facilitating a seamless handoff from advertising to sales. It's not only marketing duties that can be automated with marketing automation; many sales tasks can be automated with marketing automation as well.

Pricing & Plans
ActiveCampaign Plus: This subscription is best suited for larger teams (up to 25 accounts) or businesses in need of a customer relationship management system. Additionally, you may now utilize a custom domain name for your links, send SMS messages, and alter landing pages with this update. In addition, the ActiveCampaign logo will no longer appear on your forms. Last but not least, one month of private training is available if you want to learn how to make the most of ActiveCampaign's robust automation features.

ActiveCampaign's Professional plan significantly raises the monthly charge, now starting at $149, There are limitations, such as a cap of 50 users, but it does include features like an in-depth attribution study that may help you fine-tune your marketing strategies and content to increase conversions and keep visitors on your site.
The ActiveCampaign Enterprise package is designed for large businesses with substantial marketing budgets. includes cutting-edge options like domain name customization and an unlimited number of user accounts. In addition to the features already mentioned, you will also get access to a professional account manager who will help you with things like strategy advice, deliverability, and more, as well as a special phone number for sending SMS, phone support, and limitless one-on-one training.

ActiveCampaign Pros and Cons
ActiveCampaign is a great piece of software that suffers from a handful of minor issues. The user interface (UI) is probably the best in the business for making automated programs, which makes it a pleasure to use.

  • Comfortable interface; ActiveCampaign was the first to provide a visual marketing automation builder. The user-friendliness and efficiency of ActiveCampaign's UI are immediately apparent. Unlike most other marketing automation systems, this one doesn't call for any special instructions before usage.
  • Affordable: ActiveCampaign is a wonderful alternative for small businesses that don't want to spend thousands of dollars on marketing automation each year. Their cheapest plan is just $9 per month, and there are no initial costs involved.
  • ActiveCampaign connects to more than 900 different applications. ActiveCampaign's native interfaces with CRMs and eCommerce systems allow for a deeper integration than that of many automation solutions that depend exclusively on a Zapier connector.
  • Instead of comparing just one version of a series of emails, automated split testing allows you to compare two. This feature is available in most marketing automation tools.
  • To help you automate even more of your marketing and sales processes, ActiveCampaign has developed a number of cutting-edge ML-based tools in recent years. These include predictive sending, predictive content, and predictive win-probability scoring of leads.

  • ActiveCampaign's built-in customer relationship management system makes its marketing automation that much more potent. To be fair, ActiveCampaign's automation capabilities come at the expense of the CRM's overall quality, which is why we prefer solutions like PipeDrive and Salesforce.
  • Reporting Although ActiveCampaign's reporting is extremely detailed and provides insights on sales and goal conversions, it is rather busy and may be difficult to browse at times.

Is ActiveCampaign Worth It?
This review of ActiveCampaign shows that the service is hard to criticize since it provides about everything you might want from an email marketing platform and does it well.
You may learn a great deal about your website's performance, including its popularity, traffic sources, and opening rates, as well as its potential for e-commerce and other uses, from the detailed reports generated. The email creator is one area that may need some work; it doesn't provide quite as polished of an experience as competing services do, and there are a few minor details that could be improved upon (like the revision history).

As stated, customer service is prompt, helpful, and kind. The responses to emails and chats are helpful and have a human touch. You may search their database with relative ease, and you'll often get useful results. The individualized instruction and informative webinars included in their "Plus" package are a wonderful touch.
To sum it all up, it is believed that ActiveCampaign review proves that it is one of the finest digital marketing suites available today. You won't find better marketing and sales automation anywhere else; theirs makes all other automated processes appear like a joke. (Here you can see why it's a fantastic alternative to MailChimp and, by extension, Constant Contact.)
Because of the somewhat higher learning curve, you should be prepared to put in some more time and maybe some extra money, but your firm will ultimately benefit. Instead, if you're simply searching for a straightforward method to distribute newsletters, programs like GetResponse and MailerLite may be more your speed.
In addition, whether you become a client, you may take use of ActiveCampaign's many free, high-quality features. Content and social media calendar templates, as well as a subject line generator, are all available.

Grow Your Business with This Email and Marketing Automation Tool. Click Here to Try it for Free for Limited Time Only

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