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Livechat Review : Details, Pricing, Features, Pros & Cons
Overview: Every day, LiveChat is used by about 33,000 people all around the globe to have their issues addressed. Instead of email or FAQ assistance, live chat software gives consumers real-time, personal interaction. You could also provide telephone help, but live chat provides several benefits that the phone doesn’t. Since you are already working in front of a screen, LiveChat makes exchanging links, photographs, and videos easy without needing a costly phone connection or a complicated technical setup. How do you put it? Some say that a picture is worth a thousand words.

LiveChat has a ton of options and customizations. Any website can benefit from incorporating the customer service platform. It’s as simple as pasting some code. If you use a widely used content management system (CMS) like WordPress, Shopify, Weebly, etc., you can integrate LiveChat with nary a line of code.
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Livechat Review : Details, Pricing, Features, Pros & Cons
  • LiveChat’s pre-written responses are great
  • Well Designed - from a design perspective alone
  • A variety of options -LiveChat can be linked with their existing help desk, knowledge base, and chatbot systems.
  • Apps - It supports Windows, macOS, and iOS. They even have additional functions not seen in the browser console
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One of LiveChat’s strengths is its ability to integrate with other platforms. Since LiveChat and WhatsApp can be linked directly to Facebook Messenger, your staff can communicate with customers without signing up for Facebook accounts themselves. You can monitor all your messages in a single location. LiveChat can be integrated with over 200 applications, including popular customer relationship management and email marketing platforms.

LiveChat’s ability to act as a help desk, knowledge base, and chatbot all in one package is perhaps its most unique selling point. To manage your company’s customer service operations, you can integrate all these features into your LiveChat platform for an additional cost.

Features of live chat
Here, we’ll go over the features of LiveChat and show you how you can utilize it to achieve your client engagement objectives.

Instant Messaging
Customer support agents and other corporate personnel may use live chat to have real-time conversations with website users. In this context, agents help, respond to customer complaints, and answer inquiries. Live chat is helpful for businesses that want to be readily accessible to site visitors to boost the happiness and retention of those visitors.

Chats Tab
LiveChat’s Chats tab is where staff members may interact with visitors. The agent’s current conversation is in the middle, while visitor information is shown on the right.

Chat Widget
A chat window, often a widget, allows site users to converse with support staff without leaving your website. This is roughly how the window will appear:

Embeddable real-time chat
White labelling, moving the widget anywhere on the page, and giving it a sleek or modern look are just some ways the LiveChat widget can be changed to fit your needs. The LiveChat conversation history is unlimited for all plans except the starter one. Agents may quickly find a previous conversation they had with a customer by searching through chat logs. You may apply tags to conversations for more accessible organization, and you can sort through them using criteria like date range, agent, department, rating, tag, and assignment. This is a valuable function that is missing from most existing live chat programs.

Complementary Real-Time Chat Functions
LiveChat’s many more live chat capabilities improve visitors’ experiences while maximizing agents’ efficiency and productivity. Below, you’ll find a rundown of these perks.


A ticketing system is essential for every customer service department since it helps you track, organize, and address client issues in one central location. Agents may use LiveChat to generate support tickets from inside a conversation, manually create tickets, update a ticket’s status, and deliver pre-written replies and attachments.

The dashboard in LiveChat provides a visual representation of site analytics and a high-level overview of your company’s key performance indicators (KPIs). The Team, Business, and Enterprise plan all have access to the dashboard. While the below-shown dashboard is essential for evaluating real-time analytics, its location outside the LiveChat app is a little annoying.

Use LiveChat’s reports to gauge your performance with live chat and customer service. Especially in the two premium versions, where additional statistics like staffing forecasts are included, LiveChat’s reporting area stands out as exceptionally detailed. We prefer LiveChat’s reports to those of competing programs since they are constantly updated in real-time. Competing systems’ reports sometimes take hours to update.

Chat Reports, Updated in Real-Time
LiveChat’s Reports page stands out partly because of its granular data and the ability to delve deeper into it. If you click on the “Rated Bad” column, for instance, inside the graph of chat ratings, LiveChat will transport you straight to the conversation that was rated negatively. That makes it easier to view the numbers and comprehend them.

Compared to other live chat solutions, LiveChat stands out for its extensive list of integrations (over 170). Even though there are a lot of choices, monthly costs for meaningful connections like Slack, Stripe, and Google Analytics can add up quickly.

Help Desk with Real-Time Chatting
LiveChat has one of the most accessible customer service teams in the live chat software industry, with assistance available through phone, email, and live chat at all hours of the day and night, every day of the year. LiveChat’s customer service reps answered our questions in less than a minute and gave us complete answers.
Pricing Plans
LiveChat’s Team plan has a 14-day free trial period (no credit card required). Payment terms are flexible and may be made monthly or annually. The annual payment plan includes a discount.

The “Starter” plan, the cheapest of the four available levels, costs $20 per month per agent and includes one automated greeting, 60 days of chat history, and real-time monitoring for up to 100 visitors.
The “Team” ($41) package includes complete chat history, unlimited greetings, and statistics. The “Business” ($59) plan is tailored for corporations and includes a staffing forecast in addition to the job scheduler. Learn more about LiveChat’s pricing options here.

LiveChat Pros and Cons
Following are the pros and cons of Live chat:

  • LiveChat’s pre-written responses are great. This function has helped my team save answers to frequently asked questions from clients. Then, with a few clicks of the mouse, we can easily recycle these stock answers in future customer interactions.
  • Well Designed -From a design perspective alone, LiveChat is a delight to work with.
  • A variety of options -LiveChat can be linked with their existing help desk, knowledge base, and chatbot systems.
  • Apps - It supports Windows, macOS, and iOS. They even have additional functions not seen in the browser console (like an automatic time-out).
  • Nothing about Livechat is complicated. Neither is there anything missing from it? Integrations are also effective. With the following exceptions:

LiveChat is more costly than competing live chat platforms, particularly if several agent groups or automated triggers are required. Using their chatbot is also not inexpensive ($50/month).

Is LiveChat worth it?
LiveChat is an integrated software solution that combines high-end live chat and ticketing features. Your company may benefit from the tool’s ability to generate leads and provide better customer service.
Many live chat options are available from different helpdesk tools, but SnapEngage stands out as a solid rival for LiveChat. Similar to LiveChat, SnapEngage is focused solely on real-time communication and provides support for multiple channels. HIPAA compliance is available as an optional extra. Since SnapEngage has several paid add-ons (such as SMS messaging) and provides only limited hours of service each day, we believe LiveChat provides better value for most users.
The robust functionality and wide range of integrations offered by LiveChat make it the go-to choice for enterprises needing a robust and dependable live chat solution. But the high monthly pricing per agent and the additional expense of several crucial connections might be prohibitive for most startups and small businesses.

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