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How to Recall Email Outlook

Gordon Kokoma
Written 09/01/2022
How to Recall Email Outlook


If you use Outlook, you're in luck if you want a means to take it back. This is due to the fact that Microsoft's email client contains a built-in remedy for circumstances like these: the capability of email recall. A receiver may not see an unfinished, irate, or otherwise problematic email you send if you use an email recall. If you wish to recall an email in Outlook, follow these steps. To find out how to do that, scroll beyond the recall instructions. Read further if you are also interested in learning how to delay your Outlook emails.

Reading an Outlook email in the past
To recall an email, locate it in your sent items folder. If it's at the top or nearly the top, then you should be able to find it. Before continuing, you must double-click on this email to completely open it.
Step 1: Activate the Message tab by clicking on it on the toolbar. You can then select More Move Actions from the Move section, as shown below.
Step 2: Select Recall this message in the drop-down menu.
Step 3: Execute the following if your interface uses the ribbon's streamlined design: Remember This Message can be done by selecting the Message tab, the three dots icon, Actions, and finally Recall this message.

Step 4:
Your screen flashes with a pop-up window. Unread messages can be deleted or replaced with new ones. Having Outlook alert you if the operation succeeds or fails is another choice you'll see. In order to proceed, select your choice(s) and press OK. You should feel proud if you erased the mail. As long as you don't mind changing it, you can continue.
Step 5:
If you decide to generate a replacement, Outlook displays a second screen where you can make changes to the message. When you start writing your new email and shows a notification. When you are through with the updated message, simply press the Send button.

Alternatives to remembering an email

Solution 1: Write an apology email. This is probably the easiest way to fix the problem, except double-checking to make sure your emails are sent to the right recipients. Save yourself some time and work by admitting your error and expressing your regret if you mistakenly sent an email to the wrong person or group of people and it wasn't very shocking. A sincere apology typically gets along well with the recipients and may even increase their trust in you. After that, everyone can continue.

Solution 2: Postpone sending your emails so they don't go out right away. Start delaying your emails if you frequently respond to them, frequently exchange sensitive information, or simply make mistakes easily. If you adhere to these straightforward procedures, you may quickly set this up for all of your Outlook emails:

Step 1: Click File in Outlook's upper-left corner.
Step 2: After a little scrolling down, choose Manage Rules & Alerts.
Step 3: A popup titled "Rules and Alerts" will appear on your screen. Choose the "New Rule" option from this point on.

Step 4: Some other pop-up windows will appear in step four. Tap Use Policy on Messages I Submit to continue. This is listed after Start From a Blank Rule, as you will see. Click the Continue button to proceed.
Step 5: Select Next to proceed without worrying about any other items in the criteria list. A verification screen will then show up. To confirm, click Yes.
Step 6: Choose Defer Shipment By a Number of Minutes in step 6 to continue. A Number of links should be selected. You'll be asked to select your chosen duration on a pop-up screen that will display. Enter the desired number, then press the OK button. After completing all of the stuff, press Follow.
Step 7: Choose the alternative options you desire to employ if you have any exceptions. Next, proceed by clicking the Next button.
Step 8: Offer your rule a name and, if it's accessible, select the Switch On Just this Rule checkbox. Click the delete button to complete.

Final Remarks
You're still reading, so that means you're ready to get started. The following guidelines will help you remember your Outlook mail. Each has its own set of rules, so make sure to have the necessary software loaded on your computer before going through each section.
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