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How To Get Rid Of Dogs Bad Breath

Gordon Kokoma
Written 08/29/2022
Dog Bad Breath: Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment Options


‍Dogs are wonderful, loving pets that can be trusted to guard your home and provide you with love and support. However, as humans it’s sometimes easy to forget that dogs are animals. That is why, occasionally, dog owners will find themselves at their wits end when their canine companion begins snarling or growling for no apparent reason. While some of these behaviors are normal for dogs — such as barking when they hear an unusual noise — others aren’t so common. If you have a dog that starts foaming at the mouth whenever you feed them or smell like fish, then it’s time to learn about Dog Bad Breath. This article covers everything you need to know about Dogs Bad Breath including its causes, symptoms, and effective treatment options. Keep reading to discover more!

Dog Bad Breath & Causes
Dogs Bad Breath is the term used to describe foul-smelling breath in dogs. While humans have a variety of different dental issues that can lead to bad breath, most of these aren’t common in dogs. As a result, owners usually assume that the cause of their pet’s foul breath is a result of the food they’re eating. While this is a very common assumption, it’s actually incorrect in most cases. Dogs Bad Breath is caused by a variety of factors including: - Diet – It’s not the food itself but what it contains that leads to Dog Bad Breath. The majority of commercial dog foods contain preservatives that can lead to bad breath. - Respiratory issues – Dogs can have all kinds of respiratory issues including asthma, allergies, and bronchitis. - Gum Disease – Another common cause of Dog Breath is gum disease. Dogs have a very short lifespan when compared to humans, and dental health often becomes an issue at around 3 years of age. - Bad Teeth – Finally, a dog’s teeth can simply be unhygienic.

Symptoms of Dogs Bad Breath
Dog Bad Breath is usually accompanied by other symptoms including halitosis, tooth decay, and mouth infections. Other symptoms include: - Halitosis – The most obvious symptom of Dog Breath is halitosis. This is a foul, fishy smell that comes from the dog’s mouth and is often accompanied by their breath being foamy. - Tooth Decay – Bad breath can result in tooth decay which is a bacterial infection. This leads to swelling and pain in the dog’s mouth and is easily treated with antibiotics. - Mouth Infections – Bad breath can also be a symptom of bacterial infections in a dog’s mouth. These are mostly caused by poor dental hygiene and can be treated using antibiotics.

Tips to Reduce Bad Dog Breath
- Brush your dog’s teeth - Owners should brush their dog’s teeth daily to prevent tooth decay, gum disease, and mouth infections. You can find an excellent dog toothpaste at most pet stores. - Feed your dog a healthy, high-quality diet that’s low in preservatives. You can find healthy diets for dogs online, or talk to a vet to recommend a good brand. - Get your dog’s teeth cleaned - You can also get your dog’s teeth cleaned once a year. This is especially important for dogs with bad teeth. - Geting your dog vaccinated is also a step in the right direction for your dog as it will get your dog protected against certain illnesses, such as the flu and kennel cough,that can lead to bad breath. My dog had the same issue until I found this product and it worked. You might want to check this out

Ways to Treat Bad Breath in Dogs
If your dog’s breath is causing them to lose friends, then there are a few treatment options to help. Firstly, you can try feeding your dog an enzymatic diet. This is designed to break down protein which is what causes bad breath. You can also try brushing your dog’s teeth daily and getting them vaccinated. Finally, you can try and give your dog parsley or mint leaves to chew on. These have been shown to have a positive effect on bad breath.

Bad breath in dogs is often caused by diet, respiratory issues, gum disease, or poor dental hygiene. Once you’ve identified the cause of your dog’s bad breath, you can begin to treat it. You can find an enzymatic diet at most grocery stores, get your dog’s teeth cleaned once a year, and give your dog mint leaves to chew on.
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